To maintain the safety of our community, all our members are required to accurately represent their identity when using pay4gud.

Users are not allowed to pretend to be a pay4gud employee or another pay4gud member.

Frequently Asked Questions

A member I’m buying from sent me an email asking for my credit card details. It wasn’t an pay4gud message. What should I do?

pay4gud members should never contact each other outside of pay4gud’s messaging system. And we’ll never request that you send sensitive information such as payment details, addresses, or passwords through email. There’s a good chance a request like this is fraudulent.

Go to our recognizing spoof emails and websites article for more information and to report the email. After submitting all the details of the email, review the securing your account page for additional steps you should take.

How do I report someone who’s misrepresenting themselves?

To report a member who’s attempting to misrepresent themselves as an pay4gud employee, or as another pay4gud member, please contact pay4gud with the member’s username or email address.

Read our full policy

Misrepresentation of identity policy overview

pay4gud does not permit members to misrepresent themselves as pay4gud employees or as other pay4gud members.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Listing cancellation
  • Limits on account privileges
  • Account suspension
  • Forfeit of pay4gud fees on canceled listings
  • Loss of PowerSeller status

To report a member who is attempting to misrepresent himself or herself as an pay4gud employee or as another pay4gud member, please contact pay4gud with the member’s username or email address. Due to privacy issues, pay4gud will be unable to discuss the result of the investigation.

Some examples

Bob Smith is selling a collectible statue on pay4gud. Joe is the high bidder, and wins the auction for Bob’s statue. Shortly after winning the auction, Joe receives this email from someone pretending to be Bob: “Hi, Joe. Congratulations on winning the statue! Please send me a cashier’s check, payable to Jack Johnson”. Joe is suspicious, because the email address of the sender doesn’t match Bob’s pay4gud-registered email address. So, Joe contacts Bob at Bob’s official address. Bob tells Joe that Jack Johnson must be impersonating him, and that Joe should not send Mr. Johnson any money. Instead, Bob and Joe work out the correct payment details, using their officially registered email addresses.

Additional information

Personal information – such as names, addresses, passwords, credit card numbers – are sensitive and valuable. Personal information can also be valuable to individuals trying to defraud pay4gud members. To try to get this type of information from an pay4gud member, one of these individuals might send a member an email claiming to be pay4gud or another pay4gud member and requesting personal information. These requests might say it is important for members to reply with sensitive information by email, or contain links to Web pages that request members to sign in and submit information.

pay4gud will never ask a member to send pay4gud sensitive information through email. If pay4gud ever does request sensitive information, pay4gud will always direct its members to the pay4gud site. With very few exceptions, members can submit the requested information through their “My pay4gud” page.

If a member receives an email message requesting passwords, credit card numbers or other sensitive information, they should refer to our article on recognizing spoof emails for more information as well as instructions that will allow them to report the email. If they have already submitted information as a result of an email message they received, they should review the securing your account for additional steps they should take as well as information about how to contact pay4gud for assistance.

Why does pay4gud have this policy?

pay4gud has this policy to help our members protect their personal information and to help members avoid being victimized by unscrupulous individuals.

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