Most Pay4gud sales go smoothly, but if there’s a problem with a purchase, the Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee ensures that buyers receive the item they ordered or get their money back.

Buyers can use the Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee when:

  • They don’t receive an item
  • They receive an item that doesn’t match the listing

Most sellers work with buyers to quickly resolve issues, but if a solution isn’t reached, we can help.

What’s covered

Most transactions on are covered by the Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee.


Purchases are covered by the Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee when all of the following are true:

  • An item isn’t received or it isn’t as described in the listing
  • A buyer reports that they didn’t receive an item or requests a return within the Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee timelines
  • The buyer made the purchase on via checkout or an Pay4gud invoice with one of the following payment methods:
    • Credit card or debit card
    • Pay4gud gift cards, Pay4gud bucks and Pay4gud vouchers
  • The item was paid for in a single payment
  • If the listing was a live auction by an auction house seller and paid by any payment method, the purchase is covered as long as the buyer provides a copy of the seller invoice and proof of payment. 
  • Items collected in person are covered, provided all other requirements are met

Not covered

  • Buyer remorse or any reason other than not receiving an item or receiving an item that isn’t as described in the listing (see the seller’s return policy for return options)
  • Items damaged during local pickup
  • Local pickup items that were not collected by, or on behalf of, the buyer
  • Items not delivered, damaged during collection, or damaged during shipment when the buyer arranges pick-up or shipping of the item (for instance, the buyer arranges freight)
  • Duplicate claims through other resolution methods
  • Items shipped to another address after original delivery  
  • No Return or Replacement on ANY Collectibles Items.
  • For the safety of our consumers, suppliers and carriers, some products are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please see below for information on product categories where these restrictions may apply. 

Products That Can’t Be Returned or Exchangeable

The following table contains a list of products that are not eligible for returns as per the seller’s Returns Policy:

CategoryProducts that can’t be returned
Auto AccessoriesAdditives, Air Fresheners, Brighteners, Cleaners, Bike/Car Stickers, Degreasers, Dent/Scratch Removers, Filler Putty, Headlight Vinyl Films, Liquid Solutions, Lubricants, Polish, Power Steering Fluids, Sealants, Oils and Wax
AutomobilesCars, Mopeds, Motorcycles and Scooters
Bath and SpaBath Bubble/Salt/Sponge/Wash, Body Wash, Loofahs, Scrubs, Shampoos and Soaps
Baby CareBottle Nipples, Breast Nipple Care, Breast Pumps, Diapers, Ear Syringes, Nappy, Wet Reminder, Wipes and Wipe Warmers
Cleaning ProductsCleaning Gels, Detergents, Detergent Pods, Fabric Wash Products, Surface Cleaners, Stain Removers and Washing Bars/Powder
Computer/ Mobile AccessoriesBlank/Educational Media, CDs/DVDs, Ink Toners, Music, Movies and Software, Mobile/Tablet/Laptop Screen Guards, Screen Guard Applicators, Graphic Cards, Processors, Motherboards, Internal Hard Drives and RAMs
Food and NutritionCanned Food, Condiments, Drinks, Fruits, Health Supplements, Meat, Seafood, Syrups, Vegetables, artificial Sweetener, Milk and other Edible Products
FashionBaby Dolls, Clothing Freebies, Lingerie Wash-bags, Shapewear, Socks, Stockings and Swimsuits
Footwear AccessoriesOils, Glue, Grease, Socks, Shoe Deodorants/Polish Creams/Sprays and Wax
Gardening ProductsPlant Saplings, Plant Seeds and Soil Manure
Health CareAntiseptic, Band Aid, Body Pain Relief, Eye Drops, First Aid Tape, Glucometer Lancet/Strip, Healthcare Devices and Kits, Medical Dressing/Gloves and pH Test Strip, Healthcare accessory, medical treatment and surgical instruments
Home ProductsAdhesives, Barbeque wood, Bird/Insect Repellent, Contact Cement, Crack Fillers, Inks, Guitar/Yoyo Friction Stickers, Marker Refills, Mosquito Coil/Vaporiser/Vaporiser Refills, Naphthalene Balls, Scuba/Smoking-Pipe Mouthpieces, Sprays, paint remover, napkins, cleaning gloves and accessory and spray paints
HygieneCannula, Contact Lens, e-Hookah, Fake Moustache, Female Urination Devices, Menstrual Cups, Needles, Panty Liners, Shaving Products, Smoking Patch, Straws, Sweat Pads, Tampons, Teeth Whitening Products/Wipes, Tissues, Toilet Tissue Aid, Toilet Rolls and Women Intimate Care
InnerwearBra Accessories, Briefs, Boxers, Lingerie Sets, Panty, Garter, Trunks and Vests
Music Instrument AccessoriesMouthpiece Cap/Pad/Set, Oils and Polish
Party SuppliesBalloons, Candles, Cut-outs, marker refills, Decoration articles and Whistles
Festive SuppliesHookah Charcoal/Flavor/Mouth-tip, Incense Sticks and Holi/Rangoli Color
Personal CareConditioners, Creams, Deodorants, Electric Ear Cleaners, Eyebrow/Eyelash/Hair Styling Products, Eye Mask, Face Wash, Face Care/Fairness Products, Fragrance, Fresheners, Gels, Hair Care, Kajal, Lens Solution, Lip Plumper/Stain, Blackhead/Makeup/Nail Paint Removers, Mascara, Mehendi, Nail Sanding Pad, Oils, Oral Hygiene Products, Perfumes, Hand/Toothbrush Sanitizers, Serums, Talc, Sunscreen, Tanning Liquid, Tattoo, Toners and Wigs, Lip Care, Lipstick, Nail Care, Body Care, Foot Care, Mens Grooming Accessory, Bindi, Body Art, Makeup Accessory, Body & Skin Accessory, bath and spa accessory, Razors and Blades
Pet SuppliesAquarium Consumables, Hair Styling, Health Care/Medicinal Products, Horse Girth/Grooming Kit/Braid Tail Bag/Hay/Liniment/Poultice, Inhaler Masks, Litter Box Enclosures, Litter Scoops, Pet Chew, Pet Food/Treat, Pet Pad, Pet Hygiene/Personal Care Products, Poultice, Tail Wraps, Waste Bags and Water Troughs
Sexual WellnessCondoms, Fertility Kit/Supplement, Lubricants, Pregnancy Kits, Sexual Massagers, Sexual/Pleasure Enhancement Products and Vaginal Dilators
Health & Safety ProductsSafety Helmets, Safety Goggle, Safety Gloves

Kindly always check a product’s Returns Policy on the product page

When a buyer doesn’t receive an item

If a buyer doesn’t receive an item, the buyer needs to submit a request to report that the item hasn’t arrived. The seller should address the buyer’s concern and provide tracking information, updates on the delivery of the item, or a refund.

If the buyer isn’t happy with the seller’s response or doesn’t receive a response, the buyer can ask Pay4gud to step in and help.

If asked to step in and help, we review the information provided by the buyer and seller for evidence of a successful on-time delivery to the buyer’s address or proof of collection by the buyer.

Information required to prove a successful on-time delivery is all of the following:

  • Tracking number uploaded to the site by the seller before the estimated delivery date;
  • A delivery status of “delivered” (or equivalent in the country to which the item was delivered);
  • The date of delivery;
  • The recipient’s address, showing at least the city/county or zip code (or international equivalent); and

Buyer obligations

Generally, the buyer is responsible for accepting the item when it arrives. If the buyer refuses delivery, their claim is not eligible for the Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee.


  • The buyer can provide, via written proof from the carrier, that they refused the package because it arrived empty or was damaged in shipping
  • The buyer accepted and opened the package only to determine that it was an empty box

When a buyer wants to return an item or the item doesn’t match the listing

If a buyer wants to return an item within a seller’s return window or they received an item that doesn’t match the listing, the buyer needs to submit a request to return the item. The seller should address the buyer’s concern and offer a solution, such as accepting a return, or offering a replacement or refund. In some cases, we may automatically accept a return request on the seller’s behalf. If dissatisfied with the seller’s solution, the buyer can ask Pay4gud to step in and help.

If asked to step in and help, we review the item listing, photos of the item, and any other information about the item that the buyer and seller provide. If we can’t determine that the item matches the listing, if the seller has already offered a return, or the seller’s stated return window and policy applies, we may ask the buyer to return the item to the seller.

After confirming that the item was returned to the seller, a refund of the cost of the item (less any loss in value, if applicable) and original shipping is sent to the original payment method or the buyer’s account. If the buyer arranged shipping or picked up the item, we may not refund the amount of original shipping or pickup cost. The seller is required to reimburse Pay4gud for the amount of the refund. Learn more about reimbursement.

When an item is returned to the seller

If a buyer is returning an item within the seller’s return window, the seller’s return policy will indicate who pays for the return shipping label. The cost of return shipping for an item that is not as described is the seller’s responsibility and, in cases where an Pay4gud-generated return shipping label is used for the return, the return shipping label cost is placed on the seller’s invoice. You can find further details about reimbursements in our User Agreement.

When a return postage label is made available to the buyer and/or and the buyer chooses to purchase a separate label, the buyer won’t be refunded by Pay4gud for the cost of the label.

Tracking is required to confirm the item has been returned to the seller. Signature confirmation is required for items returned with a total cost of Rs.5000 or more. If a seller chooses to offer the buyer an untracked return label and Pay4gud is asked to step in and help, the buyer will not be required to provide proof of delivery or signature confirmation.

Buyer obligations

  • The buyer must return the item in the same condition in which it was received
  • Buyers are liable for any loss in value of the item if this loss in value is attributed to a handling which is not necessary for the purpose of checking the quality, characteristics and functioning of the item. The seller may deduct the amount of loss from the amount reimbursed to buyer

Seller obligations

  • The seller is required to accept the return at the same location specified in the listing or at an address that does not result in a materially different return cost for the buyer
  • The seller pays for any customs and duty fees on the returned item
  • The seller is required to refund a buyer upon the receipt of a returned item. Learn more about returns timelines

When an item isn’t returned to the seller

In some instances, we may not require that an item be returned to the seller. In these situations, we refund the buyer and may seek reimbursement from the seller, for example if:

  • The seller chooses not to accept a return request or provide a return shipping label
  • The item location was misrepresented
  • It’s hazardous to ship back the item
  • The item no longer has a value (for instance, a ticket for a cancelled event)

Alternatively, with the buyer’s consent, we may give a partial refund to cover differences between how the item was described in the listing and the actual item the buyer received. When given a partial refund, the buyer isn’t asked to return the item to the seller. We may require the seller to reimburse Pay4gud for the partial refund.

Counterfeit items

If a buyer reports that an item is counterfeit, and there are strong indicators that the item is counterfeit, we may not require the buyer to return the item to the seller. The buyer agrees to cooperate with us to ensure proper disposal of the item. In such instances, we refund the buyer for the full cost of the item and original shipping, and the seller reimburses us for the refund. The buyer may not sell the item on Pay4gud or elsewhere. 

Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee timelines

Item not received

  • A buyer can report that they didn’t receive an item once the item’s latest estimated delivery date has passed, and for 7 days after the latest estimated delivery date
  • For event tickets, a buyer must report that they didn’t receive the tickets no later than 7 days after the event date or 7 days from the latest estimated delivery date, whichever is later
  • The seller has 3 business days from the report to respond to the buyer with a solution (through either a replacement, a return, or a refund). If the seller does not offer a solution or the buyer is unsatisfied with the solution the buyer can ask Pay4gud to step in and help
  • If the buyer doesn’t ask us to step in and help within 5 business days of reporting that they didn’t receive an item, the request closes automatically

Item not as described

  • A buyer must request a return no later than 7 days after the actual (or latest estimated) delivery date, or, if the seller’s return window is longer, within the return window
  • For event tickets, a buyer must request a return no later than 7 days after the event date or 7 days from the actual (or latest estimated) delivery date, whichever is later
  • The seller has 3 business days from the request to respond to the buyer with a solution. If the seller does not respond with a solution, the buyer can ask Pay4gud to step in and help.
  • The buyer must ship the item back to the seller within 5 business days from when the buyer starts the return. If the seller shipped a replacement or exchange and the buyer has not shipped the original item back within 10 business days of the buyer starting the return, we charge the buyer’s account for the replacement or exchange
  • For items where there’s no tracking uploaded by the buyer, if the seller doesn’t issue a refund within 2 business days of the item’s return delivery date, the buyer can ask Pay4gud to step in and help for a period of 10 business days after the refund deadline has passed
  • For items where the buyer has uploaded tracking, if the seller doesn’t issue a refund within 2 business days of the item’s delivery to the seller, we will automatically issue the buyer a full refund on the seller’s behalf. The seller will be required to reimburse us for such refunds. Learn more about reimbursement.
  • If the buyer doesn’t ask Pay4gud to step in and help within 5 business days of starting a request for a return (or the timelines described if a refund, replacement or exchange isn’t received), the request closes automatically

Replacement and exchange

Replacement and exchanges can be requested by the buyer and/or seller. Exchanges are based on value of the original purchased item, with current and equal value. A buyer must request a return and select the replacement or exchange option no later than 30 days after the actual (or latest estimated) delivery date, or, if the seller’s return window is longer, within the return window.

Timelines for replacement and exchanges:

When the buyer requests a replacement or an exchange the seller has 3 business days to respond to the buyer. If no response is received after 3 business days the buyer can ask Pay4gud to step in and help.

If a replacement or exchange is agreed upon, the buyer has 5 business days to ship the item back to the seller with return tracking. If the buyer doesn’t ship the item within 5 business days, the replacement or exchange will be closed.

If the buyer doesn’t ship the return item back to the seller, and the seller shipped the replacement or exchange with confirmed delivery scan, after 10 business days the seller will be paid the value of the additional item. The buyer will be charged for this additional item via the buyer’s account.

Latest estimated delivery date

When we have no information about the actual delivery date, we use the latest estimated delivery date. When we have no estimated delivery information, we consider the latest estimated delivery date to be 7 days from payment date for transactions between a buyer and seller.

Extended timelines for Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee coverage

In some limited situations, we may extend the period of time in which a buyer is eligible for the Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee. This extra time allows us to take into consideration the buyer’s location, the shipping service used, a seller’s extended return window, national holidays, or delays due to circumstances such as natural disaster, national emergency, labor strike, or governmental act, or other circumstances such as fraud. In most instances, when we extend timelines for Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee coverage, in cases where the seller is responsible for requests opened during such an extended timeline, we notify sellers with an announcement on 


Buyers and sellers have an opportunity within 30 days from when we make a decision about a transaction issue to appeal the decision by providing appropriate documentation. Pay4gud reserves the right to seek reimbursement from the seller if a buyer successfully appeals. Learn more about reimbursement. 

Refunds to buyers

We refund buyers to their original payment method. we ask the buyer to create one with their Pay4gud registered email address to claim their refund. In the unlikely event that we’re unable to send refunds to the original payment method. We may provide refunds by coupon or vouchers redeemable for future purchases on Pay4gud. 

Seller funds, reimbursements, and fees


If a transaction dispute arises between a buyer and seller and Pay4gud resolves such dispute in favor of the buyer, the seller authorizes Pay4gud to reverse the funds to reimburse the buyer, and if such funds are unavailable or insufficient, the seller agrees to reimburse Pay4gud for any amount Pay4gud refunds to the buyer.

If reimbursement is unsuccessful, the seller agrees to allow Pay4gud to charge their reimbursement or automatic payment method on file for amounts refunded to the buyer. Pay4gud may place the amount refunded to the buyer on their invoice subject to their automatic payment method. The seller will remain obligated to pay Pay4gud for all unpaid amounts and Pay4gud reserves the right to seek reimbursement through other means. You can find further details about reimbursements in our User Agreement.

Seller fees

If a seller issues a buyer a full refund before Pay4gud is asked to step in and help, we credit the seller’s final value fee.  

Fraudulent claims

Fraudulent claims may include:

  • A buyer opening excessive requests or duplicate requests using other programs
  • A buyer colluding with a seller to misdeclare an item’s value for customs
  • A buyer filing a chargeback after knowingly receiving a refund

Buyers who file fraudulent claims are subject to consequences outlined in the Abusing Pay4gud section of the User Agreement. In addition, we reserve the right to indefinitely suspend the buyer’s coverage under the Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee.

Other terms

  • Buyers and sellers permit us to make final decisions about all cases, including appeals. We may provide buyers and sellers with access to each other’s names, usernames, contact information, and other information relating to a request
  • When a buyer and seller don’t speak the same language, we may assist with communication until the issue is resolved
  • The Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee is not a product warranty
  • In some situations, we may open and decide on a request on behalf of the buyer. This includes situations in which a seller is suspended for fraudulent activity
  • For items shipped through the Global Shipping Program, the program’s terms and conditions for buyers describe how members are protected by the Pay4gud Money Back Guarantee
  • We reserve the right to fix any processing errors we discover by debiting or crediting the payment method used for the incorrect refund or reimbursement

Pay4gud only ask that the Buyer should not use the item(s) and preserve its original condition, tags, and packaging.

Buyer will be responsible for paying the shipping cost while returning the item(s). Shipping costs are non refundable


An action to purchase once undertaken cannot be withdrawn. Purchases cannot be cancelled. By purchasing an item, you agree to be bound by the conditions of sale included in the item’s description so long as those conditions of sale are not in violation of the User Agreement or unlawful.

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